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From Technotronic to Tupac: I Love The 90s

Did I tell you that my new car is a time machine? No, Doc didn’t let me borrow the Delorean. But I’ve been back to the 90s: Cross Colours. Daria. The Chronic. My car even Smells Like Teen Spirit.

I’m talking about my new satellite radio. When we bought my car weeks ago, it came with a three-month free subscription. And I must say, I’m in love. I’ve been listening to all things great (and not so great) from the 1990s, the decade of my wonder years.

I love how music can take you back to priceless moments.

Wondering what Prince was talking about when he said 23 positions in a one night stand. (After all the night stand by my bed only had one position.)

Listening to the QuietStorm on the radio to see who dedicated Keith Sweat’s “I’ll Give All My Love To You” to her boyfriend.

Whipping out my air guitar for the passionate riffs on the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Give It Away Now.”

Also, Boys II Men’s” End of the Road” was our song and by “our,” I mean my high school sweetheart and me. Who knew how prophetic those four harmonizing boys could be?

Loving “Baby Got Back” because there was finally a song that praised my, ahem, asset.

Sitting in my room, proud that I could spit all the lyrics from Tupac’s Me Against the World album.

Skipping a last minute cram session for my college biology final to attend the Fugees concert at the Blue Note. I got a B on the test, but the concert was so good I would have taken the C.

And Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna” used to make me think a lot about my relationship and indeed I left the one I was with and started a new relationship with my now husband.

I love the music from the 90s, and listening to it the radio each day has been like getting reacquainted with an old friend.