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Is That A Weeble? No, It’s Just A Preggo

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” A voice in my head keeps saying that whenever I walk longer than two minutes. But can you blame me? I’m nearly seven months pregnant, my stomach is huge and my rear-end has spread so that I waddle when I walk. It’s a good look, trust me.

Naturally I’m a very fast walker. Hubby hates it because he can’t keep up and can’t understand how I can move so quickly. I can’t understand how he moseys along, but he loves walking with me when I’m pregnant, saying I’m finally moving at normal speed.

A mere three months ago, I was still zipping around. But now, I’m easily 15 pounds heavier and there’s this weird rotating wobbliness to my gait. It also takes me much longer to get anywhere. I even get winded after, say the first block. What’s that about?

As much as I love being pregnant, feeling Bean shake, rattle and roll inside me, and I’m in no rush to get to my due date, it’ll be cool to have my old body back. I still see glimpses of the old me at my personal training on Sundays. We do strength training using all kinds of torture devices: weights, resistance band, pilates ball, exercise ball and the most evil of them all _ the BOSU. I hate that thing, but it gets the job done.

After a session I always feel strong, healthy, invincible. Well, that is until I waddle the five minutes it takes to get home from the gym and arrive at my front door, panting.