Making the Most Of My Mobile Home

Who knew that with motherhood, I’d also be gaining a mobile home? It’s got a dining area, a great place for the kids to play, nap and nurse, and there’s office space for Hubby and me.

My mobile home is my SUV. I’ve served breakfast, lunch and dinner in my Jeep Commander, changed the poopiest of diapers, napped alongside my children, blinded high school boys in the Kohl’s parking lot with my boobs while breastfeeding in the backseat.

I’ve edited stories, had conference calls, written blog posts, filled out birthday party invitations. The list (obviously) goes on and on.

My husband marvels at all that’s in the car. I’ve got diapers stashed everywhere, along with juice boxes, bottled waters, changes of clothes, a quart of motor oil,

Logan having breakfast in the Jeep this week. Bacon, blueberries and blackberries, yum!

Goldfish, a stroller, blankets, toy cars, trucks, binkies, “emergency” lollipops. (The “emergency” usually being I need Logan to not speak while I’m in the middle of an important phone call.) The most unique item is a small doohickey (the technical term) that if your car was submerged in water, it effortlessly breaks the glass so that you can escape.

Cleaning my SUV is always an adventure, I try to do it each week so that it doesn’t get out of control. I find preschool art projects, receipts, coupons, forgotten half-eaten snacks and half-drunken water bottles.

Why do I have so much in my Jeep? What am I afraid of? Getting stranded in a blizzard? Dust storm? Flash flood? I’m certainly prepared. More like, over-prepared. But at least I’m making the most of my mobile home.

4 responses to “Making the Most Of My Mobile Home

  1. i feel the same way about my double stroller! {though it wont protect me in case of massive wind or snow storm} but it is like my second home.

  2. I find myself living out of my car too. -Living on the go. Logan looks like he is having a ball in the “club house” with Mommy. 🙂

  3. My car is the same way and I have no idea how it gets like that. My husband is disgusted with it, but I tell him if he was the main kid carter arounder then his would be the same.

  4. Oh do I ever know about living out of my car, from ‘Living on the go’ (as Sherlinda put it)! This summer we’ve finally made the break from it being our own ‘mobile home’. Would you believe that it’s now a bigger mess than when we were constantly in it?! That’s the thing, when you’re not in it all the time, it’s easy to jump out when you get home and forget about all the little things stashed in there! :>

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