Wordless Wednesdays: The 80s Strike Back

Our ’80s party.

5 responses to “Wordless Wednesdays: The 80s Strike Back

  1. I want to see more pics!!! 🙂 You look awesome! I did not look that good in the costume I wore for my 80s 30th Birthday Party only 2 months after Adaline was born 😦
    Heck, I don’t look that good now!

  2. Yeah this party (and my figure) was BC (Before Child.) We took a ton of pics and I wanted to add more, but was fearful my friends would string me up by my toes. Some of the costumes were fantastical!

  3. Love it! Beautiful black Madonna! The 80’s are my favorite era. I think for my next big birthday we shall have an 80’s party…you’re never too old! 🙂

  4. I remember this!!

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