Sh*t This Mom Says

People always say “kids say the darndest things!” There was even a television show about it. However, I contend that kids make you say the darndest things. Here’s my top five examples of crazy stuff that’s come flying out of my mouth.

  1. My bottom is not a drum. (This stems from Logan’s persistence to use my rear-end as a snare drum. Snicker if you must, but I for one am not amused.)
  2. “Stop staring at the sun.”
  3. “Don’t lick my belly button, it’s gross.”
  4. “If you wake up Ethan, then you two are going to have to figure out how to nurse him. I don’t care that you’re 3 years old or if you have to go to work.” (I growled this at a noisy Hubby and Logan after a long sleepless night with Ethan.)
  5. “Get your penis off the table.”

What silly things have your kids made you say?


6 responses to “Sh*t This Mom Says

  1. LOL @ number 5! I don’t have kids of my own yet but I know it’s going to be one rollercoaster when I do! 😀

  2. “Don’t touch your dad’s willie.”

    Just this morning.

  3. LOL. Yeah, those all cracked me up, but I love #5 😉

  4. These are great! My boys make me say all kinds of crazy things. The ones I hate the most are when I say the stuff my parents used to say like “Because I’m the mom and your not” or “Stop making that face or it’ll get stuck like that.”

  5. Love it! They do make us say some fairly remarkable things. I find myself looking at them wondering where I’VE come from-

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