Wordless Wednesday: A Slice of Serenity


A quiet morning along Lake Michigan.


5 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: A Slice of Serenity

  1. I want to be in that photo. Beautiful! Hi there! Just visiting from Wordless Wednesday! Hope you had a great Wednesday!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I was on a beautiful walk near Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium and I felt compelled to take the picture to remember the serenity of the moment. 🙂

  2. Nothing give me more comfort and peace than being by the water ~ be it the ocean, a lake, a river or a pond! It is the most meditating soothing place I can be!! Beautiful photo!

    • I agree! I love being by the water, it’s so peaceful and calming. I wish I lived closer to water, but this shot is only about 40 minutes from my house, so I suppose that’s not too bad. But I do think it’d be nice to walk out my back door and see the ocean.

  3. That right there is one of the reasons I really miss living in the city. You just don’t get that out here. Gorgeous photo! 🙂

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