Wordless Wednesday: The Fountain of Youth

My husband and I just revisited this yummy well this weekend. We call it the fountain of youth because it’s soooo good. Even better, it’s free and all natural.

This is called the Flowing Well. Adam Channing hand dug the well to 55 feet deep in 1895 and it’s been flowing steadily since. The water in this well flows from aquifers where water at a higher elevation puts pressure on the water below it causing it to flow out readily when given an outlet.

Hubby and I love tasty water. Some might say that we’re water snobs. Our favorite is Voss, followed by this well near Whitewater, Wis., next is Norwegian tap water (essentially it’s melted virgin icebergs), then Fiji water and Evian comes in fifth place. We first stumbled on this place when we went camping in the summer and we were happy to find it again, since it’s in a rural area along Clover Valley Road in Whitewater, Wis.

5 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: The Fountain of Youth

  1. I just drink tap water 🙂 And I hate bottled water.

    I went to the “real” fountain of youth once in St. Augustine FL with my grandparents. I thought it was pretty cool. Too bad I couldn’t take a drink 😉

    • Whaaa? No bottled water? 😉 At home we have a Brita filter on our faucet because I despise how wasteful the bottles are. I just wish I knew of an ecofriendly way to enjoy yummy H2O.

  2. girl its all good, be a water snob! my man is too. no dasani for that boy! 🙂 just found you through SITS! comin back 🙂


  3. Okay, now I’m thirsty all of a sudden. 😉 I love me some yummy water!

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