The Blubber Battle: My 30 Days With Jillian Michaels

“This is you time baby. Make. The. Most. Of.It.”   -Jillian Michaels.

Not too long ago, Jillian Michaels asked me to hang out with her. She said if I gave her quality time for a month, she’d make a difference. Aiiiiight. Maybe it wasn’t like that really, but I did spend about 25 minutes with her each day for 30 days straight and she was right, I noticed a difference.

I just completed Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. It’s an exercise DVD that I’d do every day and it’s the same work out for ten days, and then you move up a level. Though I’m not “shredded,” I’m better than I was before. I lost about 5 pounds and 4 inches.

Unfortunately those aren’t “Biggest Loser” type numbers, but I’m telling myself: slow and steady wins the race. I’m breastfeeding and watching that my calories don’t dip too low so Ethan can still have enough to eat. For some nursing women it seems the pounds simply melt away at lightening speed, while for others of us, not so much, at least not without affecting our supply.

The big thing I gained from the workout was confidence from my commitment to not miss a single day for 30 days, regardless of my kids’ or my hubby’s needs. I prioritized Me. There were some workouts that took place right before bed, others I had to hit pause while I got Ethan back to sleep. And his big brother, Logan, even joined me in a handful of workouts.

There also were days where my whine gave my 3-year-old a good run for his money: “I don’t wanna wooooorrrrkkkk ouuuutttt. I’m tttiiiirrreeeedd.”  But then I’d do it. Very grudgingly.

The main thing is I finished it and I’m much stronger. I can see whispers of my pre-baby belly. I love that I can easily do 15 “man” push-ups now and impressive moves while holding a plank pose.

Next up for me in my Blubber Battle is to focus on running since I’ve got the Shamrock Shuffle in a couple weeks. Earlier in my 30 Day challenge, I’d do Jillian’s workout and then go on a run. That proved to be too time consuming, so the last two weeks I have been all Jillian.

After my race, I’m considering doing another 30 Days with my girl Jillian, maybe her new Ripped in 30 DVD. We’ll see.

13 responses to “The Blubber Battle: My 30 Days With Jillian Michaels

  1. Hey there!
    I love reading your posts… and Way to go!
    30 days in a row!
    With two kids!! And a husband!
    I am super duper impressed, but to be honest, not too surprised… If you set your mind to something, I see you doing it! 🙂

    I am still working on “me things” with an 8 week old, which makes me even more excited for you!!

    You are such a neat person. Keep up the GREAT work! And keep writing posts!

    • Thanks Tanya! I’m hoping that my sticktoitiveness doesn’t let up. 🙂 It’s easy to give up, ya know? On the “Me Time” I’ve always fought to keep it and recommend doing whatever you can to do the same, even if it’s an extra five minutes in the shower each day, a little bit can go a long way.

  2. You are not alone! Oh, could I tell you stories! I have four kids ages: 26, 23, 17 and 9. I had my youngest at age 40! You think it’s hard to lose weight? I’m guessing you’re not 40!

    I also nursed all my babes. The longest I nursed was 3 years and the shortest was 6 months. I loved nursing and hate that’ll I’ll never nurse again but that’s life. The most important thing, obviously, is your baby’s nutrition so keep doing what you’re doing and don’t be overly concerned with losing weight. On the other hand, working out and getting fit will certainly not harm your little one and will help his mommy be in a better mood (well, at least most of the time!)

    By the way, a couple of years ago I started working out with hand weights – I started out with The Firm DVD’s and now use Jari Love – and then last year I went on a reduced carb diet…I am now back in a size 6 for the first time in about 20 years. Still, I do NOT have my pre-baby body, which is frustrating. When you are pregnant at 40, your body’s elasticity is greatly reduced and the skin etc. doesn’t go back to pre-pregnancy normal. Aaagghh!

    I’m thinking about trying out kettlebells to help with my abdominal area. As for you, keep up the good work!

    BTW, I came over from SITS!

  3. Way to Go! Jillian Michaels is brutal! I had her game for my Wii Fit and she totally kicked my tooshie every time and she would always yell at me! I would find myself in the corner, crying and sucking my thumb. I traded her in at the game store, take that Jillian! 😉 haha!
    Good for you though! You can do it!!!

  4. Keep up the Good Work!!!

  5. I’ve wondered about her shred program; I think I might have to pick this one up. I can do a couple chick push ups (on my knees with my feet pointed toward the ceiling) but not even one man push up.

    And thank you for finally voicing the fact that a lot of women do not drop all of the baby weight just because they breastfeed. I nursed all three of my kids and all three times I still had to fight the last 15 pounds. Grrr.

    Congratulations on hangin’ with Jillian every single day. Excellent work!

    • Thanks so much for the comments and a special thanks for the solidarity on the losing weight while breastfeeding. It’s like a little known secret that needs to be unleashed so that women are caught off guard. 🙂

  6. Good for you sticking with it. In addition to your “me” time, you are showing Logan and Ethan the importance of exercise and that it is a regular part of everyday life. Good luck in the shuffle!! Can’t wait to hear about how it goes!

  7. Great job on committing to the program and the weight loss! I lost 30+ pounds a few years ago by going to the gym regularly and changing my eating habits! I am now in love with the Beachbody programs…I did Insanity last year, have done TurboFire and RevAbs and am working on P90X now! I love the variety of programs that come with it and the nutrition guides are amazing as eating right seems harder for me than actually exercising!!!
    My kids love exercising with me and understand the value of staying “healthy”!

  8. That’s great Nicola. I have P90X and need to get on it, I find it’s rough on my knees, but it’s an awesome, awesome workout. Tony Horton is amazing!

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