Oh No She Di’int! Getting the Stink Eye at Daycare

Early in the morning I’d pull into daycare before jetting off to work and the other moms would glare at me. They’d give me a once-over and their eyes would narrow in distain. At first I thought it was in my head, but then it happened again and again and again.

What is it with these women? They’d all be so nice when I’d pick up Logan at the end of the day, were they all grumpy morning people? Admittedly a lot of them looked like they hadn’t yet had their morning coffee, sporting sweatpants, Uggs and off-kilter ponytails. I was perplexed.

When I went on maternity leave, we decided to keep Logan in daycare to maintain his routine and my sanity. Since I wasn’t working, I started taking him to school every day and I’d rush in with a hat on my head, yoga pants and coat zipped up all the way so no one could see my husband’s holey shirt underneath.

One morning a pencil-thin mommy with perfectly coifed hair and a snazzy suit walked out of the school while I was walking in. She smiled at me with her freshly brushed teeth. I glowered back.

And then I paused. Damn, I’m a hypocrite. Suddenly I understood the stink eye I’d been getting. It was because I appeared to be so together when dropping off my kid. Look, getting your family ready on time in the mornings can be hell.

Then you arrive at daycare and some moms look like they’re straight out of Working Women’s magazine while others look like suburban panhandlers. The panhandlers think: “She got a shower this morning, she is wearing clean clothes, she has on makeup. It must be nice.”

But really we’re all in the same boat. We all made Herculean efforts to get to school on time. It’s just that once that morning battle is finished, some moms have to go into the office where they frown on scrunchies and flannel shirts and other moms have to go back home pick up the house or go to the grocery store where they’re a bit more forgiving when it comes to yoga pants, Uggs and off-kilter ponytails.

6 responses to “Oh No She Di’int! Getting the Stink Eye at Daycare

  1. This is sooooooo true!! I think evil thoughts of the “together” mom’s when I drop off the kids in my just rolled my bed look. I say snide comments in my head about how nice it would be… blah blah.

  2. Amen sister. Interesting to be on the yoga pant, ugg wearing side, isn’t it.

  3. This happens at our daycare too. I work in a professional setting so I have to be “dressed” when I leave the house in the morning. Which means that I have to get up shortly after five to do it. I would love to roll out of bed, get my kids ready and drop them off. Unfortunately that isn’t an option for me.

  4. So true. I see a lot of this when I drop my kids off at school and sometimes I totally glower at Little Mrs. Put Together myself! I gotta quit doing that!

    Thanks for this!

  5. The ones I glare at are the moms who don’t even get out of their pj’s before walking into the daycare to drop their kid off. LOL! I am more frequently yoga pants girl, but when I have meetings it just means I get up a touch earlier to glamify so I don’t begrudge the gorgeous moms. These days I actually see mostly DADS!

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