And Now For My Next Trick: Being a SAHM of Two

This juggling life thing just took a hard left in our house and we’re finding our sea legs. I’m used to trying to squeeze in friends/sleep/laundry/grocery shopping/doctor appointments/blogging/cleaning around a hectic work schedule and being a mom of one.

But for the next six months, I’m a stay-at-home mom. There’s no more down time during my commute to and from the office so that I can blog, email or catch up with friends IRL. It’s a 24 hour job and with my newest little guy who has a voracious appetite, I’m up every few hours during that glorious 24.

I’ve got to figure out a new schedule, when should we wake up now that I don’t have to waltz into the office at 7:30a? Sleeping in late for SAHMs unfortunately isn’t an option. (However, so far I’ve been able to take a nap each afternoon with little Ethan, I’m hoping that trend can continue at least three times a week!)

How often can I reasonably expect Hubby to come home early or at least on time? After spending all day with cute ankle biters, by the time 7 p.m. rolls around I’m looking for a breather.

It’s an adjustment to say the least. It’s not as rough as going from being a non-mom to a mom, but it’s an adjustment nonetheless and I’m trying out different tricks to see how I can get it all done.

Right now things have been pretty good as my mother-in-law stayed for three weeks and this week my parents are here, so the first month we’ve had great help. I’m thinking about when the cavalry leaves.

I’ve been getting both boys dressed and ready for the day to see how I can balance the two in a zone defense sort of arrangement. I’d like to hit up the grocery store solo with the boys to see how that goes. For some reason, planning and going on test drives so to speak makes me feel more in control.

That’s the funny thing about parenting though, I’m no longer in control, it’s more like I’m a suggestion box of sorts.

I suppose my biggest suggestion to myself is to just be flexible. I have to keep telling myself that these mommy rhythms take time, it’s not like going to a meeting where there’s an agenda filled with action items that will be accomplished by certain deadlines. I need to be flexible and patient and soon enough I’ll figure out how to squeeze in friends/sleep/laundry/grocery shopping/doctor appointments/blogging and maybe even a little cleaning as a mom of two. Right?


4 responses to “And Now For My Next Trick: Being a SAHM of Two

  1. You know it girl. I like your suggestion to yourself “be flexible”… I keep reminding myself who like to have a routine, a schedule.. oh, wait, this kid is 6 weeks old, a little too young for a schedule. So I too am reminding myself, be cool, try to be flexible and roll with his schedule. So far so good…

    Just remember that there are two of you parents. My husband gets the big guy ready for school in the morning, I make his lunch and get the little guy fed and down for morning nap #1. It is wonderful to have a contributing husband 🙂

    And, I am hoping that on the first trip to the grocery with two boys… you’ll get lucky like I did- the little one slept the entire time.

    Mission today, to hit up the local thrift shop that carries only high end fashion finds in search of a pair of jeans that fit (my maternity pants are falling off and I can’t quite squeeze back into those old jeans yet) and some cute, long tops. Here’s to hoping that the little one stays asleep, yet again.

    • Hey Bella! Good for you on the thrift shopping. Hubby and I still struggle with how to divvy up the responsibilities, especially as his work continues to heat up and his schedule is getting less and less predictable. The juggle will be even more interesting when I go back to work, but I’ll worry about that later, for now, I’m enjoying this time at home.

  2. Saying hi from SITS. Yes – you will figure it out and fit in what you want/need to. Your insight that you are not in control like you are at work is so true. I went from full time work outside the home to SAHM and have been for over 10 years now. Never expected to be but it just worked out that I needed to be. I’ve never completely adjusted and now I am trying to reinvent my career and myself as a food blogger. Enjoy your help and enjoy your time with the little ones cuz once they become teens and tweens – you really have no control!!!!

    • Ack! I don’t want to think about the tween and teen years, so scary! Good luck on the reinvention part, I’ll swing by your blog and say hi. Thanks for stopping by mine.

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