Lost Keys? Acting Like a Space Cadet? Blame My Preggo Brain

Preggo brain. What *is* it actually? Why is it that women who were once razor sharp become forgetful, and appear spacy when they’re pregnant? I am one of these preggo space cadets and I wanna know.

The theories abound. For amusement, I checked Google and found it’s because of elevated hormone levels or  increased blood flow. Or my favorite: it’s all a figment of my emotional imagination.

The past couple days it’s been ridiculous. On Sunday Hubby was at Panera Bread getting some work done and Logan and I visited him for lunch. When it came time to leave I could not find my keys. We retraced my steps throughout the restaurant and parking lot, scoured my purse and no keys. I had to borrow his (which were on him) so Logan and I could get home.

Now in a normal family you just switch to using the spare set of keys right? Well if you know us at all you’ll know we’re far from normal. Hubby and I both carry two sets of keys, one to the Jeep and one to the TT. We both drive both cars each day because he takes Logan to daycare and I pick him up. Whoever has Logan has the Jeep because Logan’s carseat can’t fit in the TT.

(A normal family would sell the TT and get a family car, but I love it too much to let it go.)

Then Tuesday morning in a frantic race to leave the house on time I can’t find my keys to the TT. Sooooo I borrow Hubby’s. He’s beyond reluctant to give them to me since I’ve lost two pairs in as many days.

Also  I had warned him that he needed to gas up because there wasn’t much in the Jeep.

In a revealing train ride, I am digging in my purse and see a side pocket I’d forgotten existed… Abracadabra, tucked inside are my Jeep keys. Then deep in my purse there’s my set of TT keys.

I call Hubby to share the good news: all of the keys are accounted for. He’s happy and is even happier to inform me that the Jeep’s tank is full. I’d gassed up the night before and completely forgot.

Good times, good times.

10 responses to “Lost Keys? Acting Like a Space Cadet? Blame My Preggo Brain

  1. Preggo brain is totally real and anyone that isn’t deserves a smack upside the head. Plus the scary thing is that you never fully get back to normal. My theory is that the baby actually sucks brain cells out of your head.

  2. George Dienhart

    You may be a little forgetful, but at least you know a great cover of a classic Katrina and the waves tune when you hear it… Great Blog!

    • Thanks for the compliment on the blog George. But really my compliments to you, you should feel free to quit your day job and take those pipes on tour! 🙂 “I’m walkin’ on sssuuuuunnnnshhhiiinnnneeeeee…..” 😛

  3. Hmm. Have you considered that perhaps the problem is not with your memory but the disorganization in your purse? Didn’t you write a post on that recently?

    • Yep so true, my new purse needs to be cleaned out and organized. But it’s got a lot of pockets so I need to be committed to where I put what instead of tossing it, well, all over.

      However the disorganized purse doesn’t account for telling hubby to gas up the car when I already did, or other misadventures, like while out running errands driving to the dry cleaners when I mean to go to the store, or just driving and forgetting where I’m supposed to be going. Good, smart stuff, good smart stuff. :-s

  4. I have the same problem. Running around the house looking under every nook and cranny, re-tracing my steps, yelling and my husband because he for sure took them and didn’t tell me! Only to find out…They were in my coat pocket the whole time. 2 & 1/2 weeks left of being prego and I cannot wait to get my brain back.

    • I hate to tell you this E, but for me my sharp self never fully came back, but I blame the lack of sleep. For you it could easily be different, it eventually has to come back right? I mean even old people where they’ve *proved* that their cells are withering to dust have been able to stay quick witted through use of their brains… So I’m going to keep challenging mine to grow, and sharpen… Or something like that.

  5. I’m sure it’s all hormonal. I get PMS brain every month. At least you seem to make helpful mistakes (like filling up and not remembering) as well as annoying ones!
    Stopping by from SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  6. I can relate. My head was a jumbled, forgetful mess this time a year ago. I am sitting here trying to figure out if it is any different now that there are two children in the house – both mobile : \

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