Confirmation That the Kid’s Gonna Be Alright

We had our 3-year doctor appointment not too long ago and for weeks I’d been looking forward to talking with the pediatrician about Logan’s stuttering. As I’d written before, over the past couple months it would wax and wane and it’s eeking it’s way back again but just not as pronounced. Instead of the first syllable in each sentence giving him trouble, only a few words here and there stalled on their way into the world.

At his appointment, I described his stuttering to the doc and he said it sounded normal for a kid his age whose mind is working faster than his mouth. And we moved on. I didn’t press for details or for him to consider an in-home consult, largely because I already had peace of mind about the issue.

That’s largely because of a friend of ours who is a speech therapist and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. She attended Logan’s birthday party and I casually asked her about it shortly after he was struggling to get out an “I.” She also explained how it was very normal and reiterated what Google had told me before: Maintain eye contact, don’t make an issue out of it, let him finish speaking on his own and that it was just a phase. She also recommended doing a lot of reading aloud, especially rhymes and listening and singing to music.

It’s interesting that Logan’s become aware of his stuttering too, telling his dad once that sometimes when he talks it’s hard to get the words out because he talks too much. Dad assured him he didn’t talk too much, that he’s a great talker and we absolutely love his talking. Also, whenever I stumble over a word, his face brightens and he goes: “Mom!? You can’t get the words out?” I smile and say yes, that everyone can have trouble talking and it’s perfectly fine.

The whole situation has given me a new appreciation for Porky Pig, I honestly never liked him until now. When we watch him, Logan’s commented about how the pig can’t get his words out either. You’re right honey, everyone can have trouble talking and it’s perfectly fine.

It’s funny, I went from worrying about his stuttering to not worrying at all. You hope it’s just a phase, think it’s just a phase but you’re never really sure. For me, it just helps when the trained experts see your kid and tell you: Don’t worry Mom, he’s perfectly fine.


2 responses to “Confirmation That the Kid’s Gonna Be Alright

  1. well, you guessed it….I’m another mother with a little boy who is going through a “stuttering phase”. Just curious how your little boy is doing and whether or not it resolved itself. Thanks!

    • Hello! Thanks for stopping by. It’s funny, I was just thinking about Logan’s stuttering the other day and it hasn’t shown up again. I know he could start stuttering again, but we’ll deal with that when/if it comes. As of now, I’d say our phase probably lasted a couple months.

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