My Apple Falls A Little Too Close to This Tree

My mop-topped toddler has taught me a lot about me. First, he taught me how to be a mommy and the on-the-job training ain’t no joke. He’s also put a sharper point on who I am, my personality, preferences and character. His insights are thought-provoking.

Watching Logan is like looking in a mirror, but the layers of life’s wear and tear have been sloughed off. He unknowingly reveals sides of myself and those glimpses push me to be a better person.

He’s so stubborn and digs his heels in on all battles big and small.

He’s stringent that rules _ real or imagined _ must never be broken. In going to bed, his back must be rubbed three times. Not two, not four. Three. When driving, heaven forbid I run a yellow light or eek by a red one because I get reprimanded and that the policeman will get mad at me.

I’ve got those Monk-like quirks too. When I drive somewhere I don’t like to retrace my steps home, I like taking a different way back. I always return shopping carts to the corral, even in the rain because you’re “supposed” to.

Thankfully he’s got a healthy dose of Hubby in there too. While other boys are stage-diving off coffee tables, Logan’s more cautious and he’s still a snuggle monster. That’s 100% Hubby. He’s also hilarious and likes to pull little pranks. Again, that’s Dad.

Being a parent is one of those things I call a “stretch assignment” because it forces you to grow. Yes he’s integral in this newish role as mommy, but he’s also shown me other parts of me. It pushes me to think about why I do what I do and how I can improve.

After all I’m responsible for this wonderful creature and helping him make it in this world. So if he’s the unvarnished me, I want to be the best me I can.

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