Fall Fashion Trends (finally!) Friendly to the Every Day Woman

Thumbing through the latest fall fashions, I noticed a happy little trend of my own. The runway waifs are touting something I too can sport without looking like a teenaged stuffed sausage.

I’m not saying the slim fits are gone, it’s just that the more forgiving cuts are in too. For my fellow big-hipped hotties, boot cut is back! It’s so much easier to balance out that pear shape with a boot cut than those skinny jeans.

The realistic fashions that appealed to me most were largely in two decades. The 1950s and the 1990s. Apparently the Mad Men affect is still rippling through fashion’s waters with Betty Draper-esque glam ever-so-present. Full skirts, fitted jackets and hemlines that go well past the mid-thigh, the look oozes subtle sensuality instead of overt sexuality. And it’s polished off with red, True Blood red, lipstick.

There’s also the exactingly realistic look of the ’90s. Streetwear uniforms for urban warriors. Black flared pants with high-necked sweaters. Yet the provocative mix of textures keeps it fresh. Slick leather and wool. Slinky shiny knits with matte ribbed cotton. The colors are basic, lots of black, camel, but livened up with a pop of primary color.

What’s also great about these looks isn’t just that it’ll keep me from looking like a heifer, but they’re functional. I mean really, how many of us moms wore those feathered tops? We’d be deplucked faster than a KFC chicken.

And though I love spring and summer and their whimsical fancy, it had gone too far. So I’m glad that come fall we’re getting back to reality and it’s got the goods for real women with real curves.

2 responses to “Fall Fashion Trends (finally!) Friendly to the Every Day Woman

  1. Amen!! Nothing like the deep, rich colors accented with bold accessories, belts & shoes!! Love it!

  2. Ha! Yep, this fall’s fashions are right up your alley! 🙂

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