The Favorite Parent: Mommy vs Daddy

Right now in our house I’m the favorite parent. He wants mommy to hold him, tuck him in, feed him, dress him, watch TV with him, play with his trains, read his books you name it, I’m it. Oftentimes it’s sweet, I really love Logantime, but at the end of a long work day, sometimes you want a nice snuggle and then have someone else do the bedtime struggle.

Logan’s going through the stage where he has a laundry list of requests before he goes down, milk, water, certain toys, floss his teeth, all stall tactics of the inevitable _ going to sleep. Though we draw the line and don’t fill most of his requests, it tries my patience. Hubby has no problem stepping in on the frontlines, but Logan’s response to him is “No, not you. … Mommy.” Actually that’s the response that he has for dad in a lot that he does. Though Logan switches it up with an “I don’t like you” and “go away.”

And I know picking a favorite is just something that kids do, but my sweet sensitive husband takes it so personally. It makes him feel bad, like the cool kids at the lunch table banned him from sitting with them. On the flipside, I love it when he’s the favorite parent! I kick up my heels and relax or use the extra time to get stuff done around the house.

But for now I’m Numero Uno. So what we’re trying to do is not always give in to the demand for Mommy, I talk with Logan about how great daddy is and remind him that indeed he does like is dad and that he needs to be nice. We also try to reiterate that it’s OK to like both parents at the same time. Who knows if this works, but it’s been our game plan. Though I kinda feel that it’s something that he’s going to do for years.

After all, I remember having favorites, sometimes I liked dad more, other times mom, even into adulthood. Now which parent I prefer depends on the subject matter, in some instances it seems my dad will understand me more, others it’s mom. So I guess hubby and I should just get used to it since it seemingly won’t change.


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