An iTouch for a Toddler? ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?!?

That’s what I said to my husband when he told me he wanted to get Logan an iTouch for his 3rd birthday. I repeat THIRD birthday.

Hubby and I are gadget geeks and we ooo and ahhhh over the latest iPods,iPhones, iTouch, iPads and iWonderWhatThey’llThinkOfNexts. And I believe we try to be somewhat sensible when it comes to getting stuff for Logan.

Which is why when hubby asked me if I thought we could get Logan an iTouch I was shocked. A 3-year-old? Really? What’s the point? There’s educational apps, he tells me. What’s wrong with books? (I has a half-a-second from pulling out the ol’ “Back in my day….”) I began to suspect we’re going to buy this iTouch “for Logan,” but it’ll really be for hubby. But he insists, nope, it’s for the half-pint.

So, a $300 toy for a 3 year old? Not sure I can get over that. I mean, I can still hear the sound of his portable DVD player bouncing down the stairs when he chucked it mid-tantrum. (Surprisingly, it survived the nearly fatal fall.)

A few days later, I asked a woman who’s been an educator for years what she thinks of these devices for little ones. To my surprise she says it’s great. In fact she just got back from a conference in Chicago where the iPad was being touted as a wonderful education tool, especially for special needs kids. They’re already in some schools. You can do speech therapy, cover your ABCs and 123s, colors, animals and sounds. Apparently its bright colors and sleek design are ideal for capturing kids’ attention and as far as the iTouch, they’re perfectly sized for little hands. Though she recommended the  youngest of the iGeneration be 5 years old.

Who knew? Even though it’s been almost three years, I’m still adjusting to looking through the world with parental lenses.

iPods, iPads, iTouch for kids… iDon’tKnow, but maybe my hubby isn’t as crazy as I thought. What would you do?

6 responses to “An iTouch for a Toddler? ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?!?

  1. That’s right – maybe I’m not as crazy as you thought. Logan will be thrilled with this latest development. 🙂

  2. Har-dee-har-har. I’m glad “Logan” is going to be thrilled. 😛

  3. An itouch for a 3 year old is, in my opinion, insane and totally for hubby. Why not get it for the hubs for some special up and coming holiday, and let bear play with certain apps- my bil does that with his 5 year old.
    Otherwise (and this is how it would go down in my house) you might as well as take the 300, smear some finger paint and peanut butter on one hundo, rip the 2nd into little pieces to feed to cookie monster, & crumple the 3rd one up a throw it blindly into your car with the rest of the crap that has been lost in that black hole.
    That said I’d probably go with a two Wheeler.

  4. MamaB you are sooooo right. I love the 2nd $100 that’s ripped into little pieces. Perfect!

  5. While I agree that I would never spend that much for my 3 year old for his bday, especially something he can break in a matter of minutes, I got one for my hubby for xmas last year and the 3 year old definitely knows how to unlock it, and turn on some apps. Mainly just by pushing buttons until he gets what he wants. Maybe get him a Leapser 2 instead? We got the 3 year old one for a VERY early bday present because he was fighting with his sister over hers. And that he actually will learn something on.

  6. I got the iPad as a gift and i use it for everything, from fb, finding a quick recipe, watching movies on the plane with my boy, and reading interactive books with him at night. Last night he was on it with my husband bc he was drawing and wanted to keep picking new books to read. It is great entertainment for all. I just keep it away from any beverages and out of the car bc it can burn up and die there.

    Hope you guys get the iPad…it has added a lot of joy to the mundane. At first i thought it was a cop out to reading and quality tim with the little one, but we have a lot of fun with it. Cuddle time, laughs, smiles, and keeps us happy…

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