How’s that New Year’s Resolution Coming Along?

Remember your New Year’s resolution? Have you kept it? Well, next month we’ll be at the half way mark of 2010. (Can you believe it!?!?) Are you half way to losing that weight? Paying off your debt? Have you been spending more time with family?

Many people blow off their New Year’s resolutions, so I try really hard to keep mine because I kinda like being different. It doesn’t mean I’m extra ambitious, I just set reasonably achievable ambitions. But this year I tried something new. It was Christine Kane‘s method where instead of picking a resolution you choose a word that you will embody all year long. Here’s a better explanation of it: Pick A Word.

After reading that post, the word that sprung to mind was reclaim. So that’s what my 2010 is supposed to be about. Reclaiming my old body (I lost 30 lbs!), reclaiming my confidence at work (long story), reclaiming my relationships (reconnecting with old friends) and anything that takes from me without giving something worthwhile in return isn’t supposed to be a priority.

As I look back at the year so far and do a gut check I noticed I’m slipping away from my reclaim touchstone. It’s time for me to get back on the Reclaim Train.

What about you? Does the Pick A Word approach appeal to you? If so give it a try, there’s plenty of time, you’ve got more than half the year left! 🙂

2 responses to “How’s that New Year’s Resolution Coming Along?

  1. summer resolution before college? Yes?

  2. Yes! Totally. Reclaim some dinero for college! 😛 Thanks for talking with me tonight, it was good to touch base. I love you tons.

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