Getting off the pot

And so it begins. My blog. I’ve been wanting to start one for awhile now for all the reasons others list and more. But I kept putting it off. What will I say? What if I say too much? What if no one outside my hubby reads it? This morning I decided to get off the pot.
I’m visiting New York City (I live in Chicago) and my 19th floor hotel room is overlooking the hole that was the World Trade Center. Almost 10 years later and this is what it looks like.

Early morning construction to build Freedom Tower

Amazing. You still think of the people, the families, the images, the sounds, the lost dreams.
Then in my head, I hear fashion designer/director/king of fabulousness Tom Ford’s voice: “When you really want to do something, you should go ahead and do it.” “I feel fear, but I never let that stop me.” (Not that I’ve even heard him talk, I just imagined what he’d sound like. I read that in Elle magazine months ago and it stuck with me.)
He’s right, it can be scary putting yourself out there, but at least you went for it. And so it’s begun.
Now I’m going back to watching the men in white hard hats, working just beyond the blue crates underneath the red cranes.


2 responses to “Getting off the pot

  1. So glad I could click on American Idiot and figure out what you were talking about. Green Day the musical?? I’m still slightly confused by this concept, but I understand more now.

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